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52 Percent Of Americans Have Posed Naked
A lot more Americans have posed nude than you might think – and that’s the naked truth!
America's nude deal
Listen up, everybody in popular culture. I'd like all of you to do me a favor. I would like all of you to put your clothes back on.
Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder
The photograph was startling: 11 women seated on simple chairs wearing nothing -- absolutely nothing -- but a strand of pearls around their necks, beneath wide-brimmed hats. They looked as though they were at a sedate meeting before afternoon tea.
Nakedness gets bad name
“There are so many [nude fund-raising calendars] that the British Naturist associations -- representing something like 25,000 English nudists -- complained the newest fundraising trend is cheapening nudism.”
ClothesFree TV
The latest nudist news reported by live newscasters.
Flash in the pan
There was a time when Miss November would most often be found on the wall of a builder’s Portacabin, brightening up those bleak winter days with her dazzling smile.
Frate Indovino Beats Nude Women
Neither more or less dressed models and actresses nor football teams: when choosing the calendar for home or office, Italians chose religious personalities. To an extent that Frate Indovino's calendar sells 6 million copies in Italy, ten times more than the most sold sexy calendar.
Get naked for charity
Forget the rummage sales and pancake breakfasts. For serious fund-raising, posing in the buff for calendars seems to be the ticket.
Health care and calendars
Nowadays, a bunch of female breast cancer survivors are posing for semi-nude photographs in a fund-raising calendar.
I pose this to calendar ladies
I would like to put out the call to stop this trend. Before things get really ugly.
I See Naked People
I'm going to show you pictures of naked people. If you don't want to see them, just close your eyes.
Naked came the calendar
Another day, another nude calendar. This time it's English villagers raising money to fix their church roof and get an organ.
Naked neighbors
Traditional charities are in a cash-flow crunch as Sept. 11 relief siphons off funds. Maybe they should get naked.
Naked Truth!
We're seen as a nation of prudes, but when you consider the number of nude charity calendars produced in 2004, perhaps a more accurate description would be a nation of prunes.
Nakedness gets bad name
Once it was bake sales and walk-a-thons. If a charity wanted to raise a little dough, they got busy baking cookies and buns. These days they still put their buns on display, except now it is on the pages of a nude calendar.
Naturists strip nude calendars’ protest sheen
They have replaced cake sales and sponsored walks as the most popular method for charities to raise money or generate publicity. But the naked calendar — immortalised in the film Calendar Girls — is giving nudity a bad name and should stop, say Britain’s naturists.
Nude Calendars Take Off
Since a group of frisky, middle-aged British women posed in the buff for a 1999 calendar, the trend of marking the months by baring it all has really, um, taken off.
Nude vs. Naked
It's a warm Saturday morning and with paintbrush in hand I'm cutting in color along the edge of my living room ceiling. Now you may wonder what painting has to do with photography?
On the Media
In the oh-so-jaded new millennium, when sex is passe and revolution nothing more than a Nike jingle, the world has been hit by an unprecedented craze for, of all things, nudism.
Put some clothes on
They have replaced cake sales and sponsored walks as the most popular method for charities to raise money or generate publicity. But the naked calendar - immortalised in the film Calendar Girls - is giving nudity a bad name and should stop, according to Britain's naturists.
Raising funds? Get your kit off
The woman behind Calendar Girls started a craze for going bare for charity. In the week she came to Oxford, Maddy Biddulph reveals the county's calendar girls - and boys.
Revealing calendar the great equalizer
What seems to make it OK is the majority of the subjects are, ahem, middle-aged or better. People to whom gravity has not been kind. People whose days of strutting in Speedos or tummy-baring tops -- we fervently pray -- are in the past.
Sexploitation or Pride?
While the Olympics have added weightlifting, hammer throwing and pole vaulting as official women's events, dozens of female Olympians have enthusiastically participated in an unofficial, eyebrow-raising, media-covered sport -- disrobing.
Strike a Pose
A photo of female ministers is more shocking than a nude calendar. It's a measure of just how conflicted our attitudes to images of women are that they warranted two items on the Guardian's news pages yesterday.
Tea and A
The world of girlie calendars, long ruled by nudie cuties, is making room for mums' bums as middle-age women grit teeth, drop trou and bare all for beloved causes.
The naked truth
"She deserves an Oscar for being so brave." That's what people were saying this time last year when Kathy Bates appeared nude in the movie About Schmidt.
The naked truth
Seminude calendars with, shall we say, the very imperfect bodies of everyday folks are being used in fundraisers everywhere. One day your neighbor, your dentist, your city commissioner is wearing khakis and a button-down shirt. The next, his bare hairy chest and flabby muscles are highlights in a charity calendar.

: Thursday, December 29, 2005