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Born Oct. 13, 1954. Last book read; Pirate Hunter: Mutiny! by Brad Strickland and Thomas E Fuller. Books that help define me; Robert A Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land and Allan Sherman's The Rape of the A.P.E. (badly in need of updating, but a valuable read nonetheless; not at all the kind of thing you might expect from the author of "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah").

My degree is in Journalism -- much good has it ever done me, since I have never worked professionally in that field. However, I have high standards for those who say they are serving my Right to Know -- and I observe them closely. As should you.

I rarely watch television these days. Used to be real big into comic books; these days I'm putting most of my effort into the material I grew up with, like the Justice League and Fantastic Four.

I only see movies on videotape. I'm a big fan of what the Outside World calls "date movies"; really liked Sleepless in Seattle. Cried at Julia Roberts' funeral in Steel Magnolias. (But then, I cried at the end of the Pinky and the Brain Christmas Special, too.)

Politically I see myself as a small-L libertarian. (As opposed to the Libertarian Party, who appear to me to be extremists -- anarchists rather than libertarians, as I define it.) To some I probably appear conservative, but the biggest thing I have in common with the Republicans is that I don't trust the Democrats either. Politics appears to me as a succession of average people doing a succession of stupid things, and I find it too depressing to discuss often or for long.

But sometimes you just have to say something. Hence my blog.

I live in a cozy neighborhood about two miles from Five Points, the center of Atlanta's central business district. I share the house with a wife, two kids, and the kids' godfather.

I am a longtime member, and currently the editor, of the Myriad amateur press alliance.

Since 1987 I've been senior Foley artist for the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company; since 1993 I've been writing scripts, and am the creator of the popular series Bumpers Crossroads; and I've hesitantly made my way to the microphone as well.

Daniel Taylor: Wednesday, May 29, 2002