Dreaded Purple Master

The Future of the Web

The World Wide Web, in my opinion, is the next Killer App -- the thing that drives the next wave of PC market growth. It may just be the thing that creates -- well, creates whatever it is they mean by the overexposed phrase "Information Superhighway" (I promise I won't use it again).

It's not difficult to imagine that by the end of the century, telephone, cable, cellular, satellite, pager, networking, internet and microprocessor technology will collide and produce a "personal data terminal". You place a call, typing (at most) eleven digits, as today; If they're home, you get a video/audio connection. If they're out, you get, not an answering machine, but their home page. You check for messages to you; read 'em or hear 'em at your discretion. You can leave a message by voice or keyboard, or fax a document to their modem.

The technology to do that exists now, and the deregulation that will make it possible for it to come together is on the way. It's an exciting time to be alive.

: Tuesday, June 27, 1995