Dreaded Purple Master

Introduction to This Site

What is this?

Welcome to my page.

".... the Web is growing at roughly 1 per cent a day - a doubling period of less than 10 weeks. If this rate of growth is continued, everyone on Earth would have their own personal page on the Web in four years time....."

New Scientist magazine, 17th. December 1994

We didn't make it, did we?

Since 1981, I'd been writing a small-circulation bimonthly newsletter for a select circle of friends, thinking of taking it to a larger audience, but not really sure how to proceed. The economics of the Web convinced me to take the plunge.

I'll update these page as I have something to say (is that allowed?) -- and I hope you'll join me. I'll be talking about whatever interests me at the moment, as indeed who does not? The most current updates will happen on the Blog.

I'm counting on you to tell me when I'm full of it. And if you really think I'm a waste of bandwidth, why, get a page of your own. It ain't hard.

Since AOL has thoughtfully deleted my old pages (*ahem*), I'm redesigning. My plan is to add more content (about time), mostly essays too long to be appropriate for my blog. For now, I'm borrowing from my own writing in Myriad, the amateur press association for which I am the editor. As I produce new long-form writing, it will find its way here too, I hope.


What's the title mean?

It dates wa-a-a-y back to the days when my primary medium of self-expression was a Ditto spirit duplicator that was ancient even then. (This was before IBM built its first "personal computer", so I know I'm talking about a time before many of you were born. *ahem*)

Anyway, those of you who went to school in those pre-photocopy days know that the most common color those came in was purple. (They were available in other colors, but for unknown reasons, purple was the longest-lasting and easiest to read. "Black" was light grey.) As I walked out of the office supply store with a box of "purple masters", it struck me that it sounded like a monster movie. I've graduated through several other media since, none of which are particularly purple, but the name became my "signature" and refused to die.

And so, here it is again, this time in a medium so new we haven't finished inventing it yet.


"Eclectic" or "Unfocussed": You make the call

I expect this journal to be dominated by the following subjects:

You will not find:

That, I reckon, will difference me from 90% of the blogs out there.

I'll chat about whatever interests me at the moment. It's not a warblog, although there's plenty of war-related material. It's not a personal diary, although it's inevitable that it will resemble one occasionally. I am not a professional journalist, but I observe them closely because I know something of how bologna is made: my degree is in journalism.

It's just me, getting my thoughts in order. I've been doing that in public since 1972, in one medium or another, and people have told me it was entertaining: Perhaps you will find it so as well. 


Daniel Taylor: Tuesday, June 27, 1995