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I try for daily updates, but realistically, expect twice or three times a week.   10/15/01-current.
They make me laugh.    10/06/05.
A Love Letter (of sorts) to Julia Sawalha
The common link between "Absolutely Fabulous", "Chicken Run", "A Midwinter's Tale" and "Press Gang"    05/22/97.
Myriad Amateur Press Alliance
Myriad is an amateur press alliance designed to promote communication between more-or-less like-minded people.    02/14/03.
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Press Clippings
Stone Soup: The Calendar
Nude Calendar Watch
Naked Charity
Last updated 08/02/07. Note: There is no nudity on this page (though I can't guarantee links). Watch my hit counter go wild anyway.    10/04/02.
A Fan Letter to Rupert Holmes
Creator of "Remember WENN" and playwright of "The Mystery of Edwin Drood". And, oh, yeah, that "piña colada" thing too...    06/22/97.
Introduction to This Site
An introduction to my page.    06/27/95.
About the Author
A short biography cluttered with trivia, devoid of any identifying marks.    05/29/02.
Owner of a Purple Heart
Hospital, Part One: The Heart Attack    07/20/02.
Fixing a Hole
Hospital, Part Two: The Stroke    09/28/02.
Medical Her Story
Hospital, Part Three: Oreta's Side    10/07/02.
Thoughts on the events of 9-11-01
If it were important to them not to have raw sewage running in open ditches beside the road (which they do), they might have done something about it in the last few thousand years.    09/17/01.
Another kind of Insight
"You know it’s going to get a lot harder to buy these now that Bush is in office."    05/15/01.
O Carry Me Back to Wistful Vista
I'm gonna have to clean out that closet one of these days.    05/15/01.
The V-chip: An answer in search of a question
What we need, and so far don’t have, is a television that Mom and Dad can program to simply not come on at certain hours of the day.    09/15/00.
People Are Stupid
That is, I still don’t seem smarter than average to myself, but can the average person on the street possibly be as stupid as they appear?    03/15/99.
Fun and the Games
So, you're doubtless panting to know how I and mine were affected by the Second Coming, er, I mean, the 1996 Olympic Games.    08/31/96.
Democracy in Cyberspace
The World Wide Web reminds me of an old Judy Garland / Mickey Rooney musical. "I've got a PC!" "Great, I've got a modem!" "And Uncle AOL has a couple of megabytes of disk space to spare. Let's put on a show!"    02/13/96.
The Future of the Web
Boy, is this dated.    06/27/95.
Spirited Away (2002)
A beautifully produced nightmare.    01/26/03.
Porco Rosso
This one I understand. It's a "film like that".    01/26/03.
Spider-Man (2002)
With great box-office comes great responsibility.    05/15/02.
Head (1968)
Somehow I don’t think that thirty years from now we’ll still be talking about n’Sync.    01/15/01.
Fantasia 2000
Just when you’re thinking the new Fantasia is going to be stiff, ponderous and lifeless, along comes Rhapsody in Blue.    01/15/00.
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
You have to marvel at the chutzpah of Ron Howard, who apparently feels that the Seuss original is in need of repair.    01/15/01.
Tarzan (1999) vs Tarzan (1914)
[Jane's] finest moment is in book eight, Tarzan the Terrible, in which, abandoned alone, nearly naked and weaponless in prehistoric Pal-ul-don, she actually constructs a shelter, makes a spear and kills her own food.    05/15/99.
The Prince of Egypt
Any film that gets good reviews from both Rolling Stone and Focus on the Family is worth seeing just for the novelty of it.     01/01/99.